If you’ve ever thought, “Hey! I could write a book!”, here’s a word of advice: Read this book first. This author knows her way around the often maddeningly weird world of book publishing and in these pages you learn what you need to know before committing your time and money. Terrific!” – Anne Fisher, columnist, Fortune Magazine.

Available April 1, 2013
In the meantime, go to janbking.com and assistedselfpublishing.com.

Writing your first book is both exciting and scary. You may have decided now is the time to do something you’ve always wanted to do, but you may also be thinking this is a lot more work than you bargained for.

Relax. Yes, there is a lot to know about getting a book written, published and sold, but you can do it. In this easy to read guide, we give you the big picture of the tasks you take on when you decide to become an author.

Author Smart is the only book (and companion online resource community) you will need to professionally and profitably self publish your book.

Written by Jan B. King, noted and experienced book coach and publishing strategist, she breaks the publishing process down into three parts: writing, publishing and marketing.

• She is on a mission to help authors avoid costly mistakes and traps such as unscrupulous print on demand publishers

• She covers the entire publishing process with links and tips to help you publish and market successfully.

Important issues covered in the book
o how to start (and finish) the book writing process,
o how to determine the best publishing options for the author
o cost of publishing and setting expectation for sales
o importance of working with experts, especially for things like cover designs
o most effective ways to market a book profitably.
o getting to market quickly
o keeping your rights and your profits

Makes a complex subject easy to understand with specific steps for authors.

Companion online links and downloadable worksheets make the process even easier.

Author Smart gives you the straight story in easy-to-understand language on what you need to know about the publishing process before you write a word.

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