Penguin buys AuthorHouse – What this might mean to you

by jan on August 1, 2012

Thanks to Michele Cole, virtual author’s assistant for sending me this article. I am going to talk about what it means, but if you have any questions, please email me.Penguin Buys Self-Publishing Platform Author Solutions for $116 Million | Digital Book World

Author Solutions is the largest group of POD publishers and the fact it has been purchased by a reputable publisher like Penguin means one main thing: Even the major publishers aren’t doing well and are looking for another way to make money.

This dramatically changes the relationship publishers have had with their authors and the public. As you’ve heard me say before, the role of the publisher is to bring investment capital and their expertise while the author brings his or her intellectual property to the table for a good deal for both.

If the publisher is no longer bringing in investment capital, then the author is financing the publication and giving up rights – not fair to the author at all. What most authors, hungry to be published think is that this is just how the game is played. But it hasn’t been played this way until recently.

To give you and your book the best shot at success, stay away from POD publishers, owned by Penguin or otherwise. Your book will always be seen as a 2nd class citizen if you publish with them.

Instead, hire a virtual author’s assistant who will leave you in the driver’s seat but with a lot of skilled help. You can publish your book on your own and given this turn in the publishing industry, you should.

Notice in the article how Penguin says it will be careful not to ruin its brand by confusing Author Solutions and Penguin books. But realizing how insulting that sounds to Author Solution authors, they immediately follow with but we’ll look to see if any Author Solutions books could become part of the Penguin line.

I think it is sad that historically relevant admired publishers are experimenting with having the authors pay to produce their own books. But since they are, it is time for us all to recognize that bridge has been crossed. Publishers can no longer afford to take on most authors and self publishing, done right, is best done by the author with a team of qualified professionals not by buying a package of services, some of which you won’t need and other services which you need but aren’t available as part of the package.

Your book is too important to leave to a team of people you don’t know and who weren’t specifically recommended.

Find a great VAA from our directory at or I would be happy to personally recommend someone.

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