Praise for the Book

Armchair Interviews says: Knowledge and confidence-what more could an author want?

This book should have been titled simply: Authors. Read This! The book covers every aspect that a new or aspiring author needs to know-and nothing is sugar-coated.

As one who edits book manuscripts, I wish every client would read this book first. Most of my clients write non-fiction, which is the focus of this book, writing about their business or their passion.

With so many “affordable” ways to turn a manuscript into a book, many authors rush a book into production, and do NOT spend money and time on having it professionally edited and proofread. If you are not working with a big NY publisher, often smaller presses will publish a book (if you have the money)-whether the book is really ready. Then the author looks bad!

I especially liked the numerous web links for: software, help with copyright, indexing, transcribing, ISBN and other requirements, government forms for starting a publishing business, resources for publishing and much more. I don’t usually write in books — but this one has GOOD or sections circled or underlined on almost every page.

Want to know about the Financial Reality?

The hard part for any author is to think of themselves as both a writer-and as a business. –What will be the cost to publish if you are self/independently publishing?
–What do you expect to make per book?
–How much money (and time) do you plan to devote to selling and marketing this book? This is such an unknown factor, but is also the key to success.

How About Marketing?

–What belongs on your web site (and you do need one)?
–What elements go in your media/press kit?
–What questions do you ask before hiring the right book cover designer, contents formatter, editor and proofreader?
–What is your timeline?
–When do you write/implement your marketing plan?

This writer is very credentialed in both publishing and coaching/mentoring authors to write and market books successfully. The book’s three sections are: Write Your Book, Publish Your Book, and Market Your Book.

This book will prevent you from becoming a published author in the muddle-through process-you will write, publish and market with knowledge and confidence.

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